Asbestos Removal Brisbane: 6 Things to Do and Make it Safe

The asbestos removal Brisbane information now will talk more about the 6 things to do and make it safe on this project, it will help you and help your family from this dangerous material.

asbestos removal brisbane guides

Asbestos removal in Brisbane area now happening cause people started to clean up this hazard, so i hope this information will help us.

I am sure, many people do not understand more about this material, and why we have to remove it from our buildings. Do you know why? Here is the explanation about it, don't worry about the guides, I will show you what you have to do, make it safe and easy to understand.

We need to know, this stuff is one of the building materials which are often used in houses especially in old buildings. Before this stuff was banned, these materials are very popular, even being one of the most building materials which was commonly used.

Currently, the use of this substance has been banned, why?

Asbestos-containing substances that are dangerous to human health, there are about six types of substances which harm the human body, if these substances enter into the body, it will damage the health of living creatures, including humans, and the most frightening thing is this hazard can kill people.

Every year, including in Brisbane, Australia, some cases of asbestos is found. The old buildings, school buildings, and even children's toys, such as crayons, proved to contain this dangerous stuff! Do you know about this news?

Mesothelioma and the lung disorders are some of the types of diseases caused by this friable material, therefore, we must eliminate this hazard from our homes, it is mandatory!

Please take care about your health and for the safety of your family members, you should start to think to expel these harmful substances from your home. This is some facts of this dangerous material that you can learn.

How do I remove this hazard? Here I attach the guides about the asbestos removal Brisbane and what correct steps you should do, don't forget, everything must under control, safety, and well-organized.

This city is one of the cities in Queensland Australia which frequently reported on the case of asbestos, so we start from this area, if you are in other areas such as Sydney, Perth, or in another city, you can still follow these ways. Remember, you should seek the professional removalist! Read the tips here:

The 6 Guides of Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

1. Check the house documents.

You may build your own home from zero, so you probably will not use the danger materials, but if you are not sure, you can perform material testing procedures.

asbestos register - house document

But, you may buy a house from someone else right? so you should check it out, make sure you do not find the danger stuff data on it. Currently, the Australian government has required all transactions of sale and purchase of the building, to include the data of asbestos register.

Then, you may find the data of asbestos in the document, please proceed to the step No. 2, if you do not find, please be happy, because you are free from the dangers of substance and do not need to hire the removal service in your city.

2. Please find a list of licensed contractors.

You can find a lot of information about the contractor on the internet, this is a good thing and can save you times, but if you want the easy way, you can visit the council in Brisbane and request a list of contractors in your city.

3. Why you should to pick the nearest contractor.

This is a frequently asked question, you may be wondering the same thing. Nearest removal contractor usually provide a lower price, because the cost of the trip is cheaper. Simple but people often feel confused, and now you know the answer.

Besides the price, you can also easily find their office, you can easily consult with them without having much to leave your house. I know you are busy, therefore, the nearest contractor is my response makes the most sense.

4. Request a Quote.

Some information about the asbestos removal Brisbane is usually not explained clearly, example about what a quote is. You need to understand, a quote can provide a lot of information, such as the amount of money that you will spend, the information about the company, the information on the licenses they have, the information about insurance, and the information about the equipment they have.

The most important is, choose a licensed removalist with A license, it is because if you choose a person who is only B licensed, then, if one day they find the type of friable substances, you should keep looking for someone who has the A license. The A license can do almost all things on removal job.

About the insurance data is also important, it is to keep in case of errors in the work. The average insurance for high-risk work, it is worth about AU $ 20 Million.

The equipment such as scaffolding, truck, and others also need to consider, it will guarantee their work, make it everything good, safe, and remain in control.

5. Disposal Work Review

Although not mandatory, but I think it can help you in determining to choose someone. You can find removal guys Brisbane reviews on the internet, look for the information about the company that you will use.

asbestos removal working ilustration

You should note that not all the data on the internet is true, I can found many cases about the failure of disposal job caused by unprofessional worker in Australia, don’t choose a cowboy, you know what I mean.

Then be careful in choosing one, usually, a website that is rich in information can be a reference for you. You may also want to check and see other information related to this material in government websites, such as the websites below:


6. Time to decide who will be your right hand on this project.

Once you get someone, begin to secure your family members. You must move out from your house, as long as the work progress is 100% done. But do not forget, you also have to keep an eye on their work, make sure everything is running perfectly, safely, and in accordance with the price that you have to spend.

Okay, that's all for this post, I hope these 6 things about asbestos disposal can help you in securing your plan. Again, Brisbane is one of the cities that are often reported were cases of asbestos happen, so, if you live in this area, you should really learn about the danger of home stuffs. You can read the information about the asbestos testing, management plan, roof removal, and others related to it on the internet, or at the Queensland government website above.

If you have any additional information that I missed, or you have a question about the asbestos removal Brisbane, you can drop your comment on the comment form, below. Now you understand what you have to do after reading this information.

Thank you for visiting this blog, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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